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(1)The big question we always get is what is the key to designing effective sign art?

The target audience for outdoor signs are drivers zooming down the road at 35+ mph with many things on their minds, and many things competing for their attention.
Therefore, your sign should have as little text as possible while still getting your message conveyed.
This makes each letter larger and easier to read, plus the message is easier to "visually digest". If you cram too much onto a sign it will look like a big jumble of text and probably be ignored by most passers-by.

The other critical element to an effective sign is sharp color contrast. A dark blue, green, red, purple or black should be against a bright, light color such as white, yellow, orange, pink or, best of all, a florescent DAY-GLO color. For example: DAY-GLO Blaze Orange text on a dark blue background (or vice versa).

DAY-GLO colors definately give maximum visibility to a sign, but if you prefer colors that are not so loud: red, white and blue is another popular option (usually blue and/or red for text, stars & stripes with a white background for maximum contrast).

(2) Is installation easier when the signs are assembled onto wooden stakes or on wire frames?

Wire frames are much easier to put in manicured grassy front yards (plus they take up less room during transport), but some people feel that stakes are more versatile- they can be nailed onto posts and they can be hammered into hard soil (although you should make a pilot hole first).

(3) How many signs should I get for my campaign?

This can vary dramatically; the number of volunteers and supporters you have to distribute your signs amongst, and (of course) your budget should be considered. But generally we reccommend at least 200 signs per 100,000 people in your district just to cover the major streets (and more if you have many supporters and want coverage in residential areas).

Please call or e-mail us with any other questions you may have, we are eager to help you!