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Welcome to our web site!

COGS South offers the Best Campaign Signs at the
Best Prices! Why would you go anywhere else?

We have over 10 years of experience working with over one thousand winning campaigns, and we're ready to work for you.
We design effective, eye-catching sign artwork and silk-screen on rugged weatherproof polyboard or corrugated plastic (Coroplast), so your signs will look great even after 8-12 weeks (or more with Coroplast) of exposure to the sun, wind and rain.
We can also assemble and deliver your signs, or sell you wooden stakes or wire sign frames at deep discount prices.
If you need an instant boost in name recognition, we can arrange professional sign distribution along all major streets in your district (from School Board to Statewide) by the most experienced crew in the industry (available only in Western U.S.A.).
We have quick turn around times and offer UNION PRINTING, as well as POLYSLEEVE BAG SIGNS for super low per unit costs on larger orders.
Please give us a call today or stop by our office/showroom for a free price quote and recommendations for sign colors and quantities.

We are standing by, eager to help you!

Sincerely, Reed & Ray Rothrock

COGS South
3309 S. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Phone: (714)557-4779

Fax: (714)557-4579

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